Why Us

Our Core Values that lead to success

We believe in 3 core values that are absolutely essential to long term investment success.

Rest easy with our high margins of safety

When we prepare a comprehensive retirement plan for our clients – we always build a high margin of safety into all of our assumptions.

We eat our own cooking. We're invested with you.

From both an alignment and a credibility standpoint, we have our own money where our mouths are.

Overwhelming probabilities, not remote possibilities

We believe knowledge is power. So we take a lot of time to educate our clients about the most important aspects of investing.

Our beliefs have consequences - so it is absolutely critical we base our beliefs on solid reasoning and evidence. Emotions (especially fear) can derail the most disciplined investor.

The antidote to getting derailed, in our view, is conviction - which can be strengthened by becoming a student of history.

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