HNW prides itself on not only having amazing clients, but on having many multi-generational clients. These testimonials are from clients who have been aligned with us for at least 10 years.  Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Janet and Stew

Since 2002

Prior to meeting Dave Nickle in 2002, our investments had been managed, less than competently, by biased bank and financial groups. We have never looked back. Dave and his associates have consistently provided a proper strategic plan with continued monitoring of our investment status.

We have introduced Dave to all our immediate family and are proud to claim our grandchildren as 3rd generation clients. We highly recommend Dave and his associates to anyone looking for steady, educated management of their investments.

Cole & Tracy

Client family since 1996

Dave and his team are solely focused on long term wealth creation for their clients. It has been our great pleasure to be under Dave's expert care, he has been the primary advisor for the financial well-being of our entire family for greater than 20 years! We are reminded on a regular basis, just how lucky we are ;)!

Sean & Catherine

Clients since 2007

The HNW Financial team is extremely passionate about disciplined wealth creation. They understand their strengths and areas of expertise and do a fantastic job of explaining complex financial matters in simple and easy to understand terms. They‘ve done a great job at listening to our goals, and putting plans in place to achieve them. Our family feels extremely fortunate to have them on our team.


Client since 1996

As a client of Dave's since 1996, I have experienced many fluctuations in the financial markets but there has always been one constant. Dave's unwavering, and proven, process of wealth creation, putting his clients interests first and delivering results that have outstripped even my expectations. I feel secure in my family's financial future knowing Dave, Brad & Stu are at the helm.


Client Family since 1996

Dave Nickle is investing in you, investing with you. His money is invested where your money is invested. he has been the financial planner for me, my family members and friends for over 2 decades. If you stick with him he’ll stick with you.He once held his breath for 5 minutes and 47 seconds, just because. If I had a Nickle for every time Dave called me to keep me informed about my portfolio, it would exceed the value of my portfolio. He can dance on his hands. He chose to not speak and only think about finance for 10 days in a row. He may be the most interesting Financial Advisor in the world.

Colleen & Stuart

Clients since 2001

Dave Nickle has been our Financial Planner for more than 18 years for our long term investments. Over that time period the markets have certainly had their fair share of volatility and some very scary moments for all investors. Dave's investment strategy has always aligned with our own and is focused on long term wealth creation and under his expert guidance we have grown our portfolio and are enjoying the benefits of his advice.


Client since 2006

I had the good fortune to have been referred to Dave shortly after I had graduated from University. I knew that I wanted to invest but didn't know where to start, Dave took the time to explain his focus on a value-focused, long term investment strategy and it resonated with me. Through the years and major life events I have relied on his knowledge and understanding of my goals to best grow my long term financial position.

Ron & Rose

Clients since 1998

Dave Nickle has been our Financial Planner for almost 2 decades. He is a wealth of knowledge and has provided us with financial suggestions ranging from mortgage and education planning to retirement and beyond. He has gone above and beyond what have experienced from other investment planners. He has assisted us in getting to a financial position where we have the option for early retirement without having to change our lifestyle and not worry about the future of our children's education or future.


Client since 2006

Dave has managed our family’s investments for over a decade; he is both a trusted advisor and great friend. His thoughtful rationale on understanding market / business dynamics over the long term, coupled to the simple fundamental principles of investment strategy are what sets him apart as a leader in his field. Dave also walks the talk as he invests with his own dollars too in the same funds – which is the part I like personally as all our futures are inherently linked on his continued high service and performance, which he delivers consistently.

The Greco Family

Clients since 2001

My family has been associated with Dave Nickle for over 17 years. Dave & his team have made it possible for my wife & I to comfortably retire with financial independence, as well as setting our Son and his family on track to achieving the same for their retirement. Most of all, Dave & his family have become personal friends to our family. Thank you Dave for all of your financial advice over the years and more so your personal friendship.

Jerry & Barb

Clients since 1996

Barb and I have been with Dave and latter Stu for 24 years and have never been disappointed with our results. We feel very comfortable with this group looking after our assets.

Judy & Sonny

Clients since 2003

After years of dealing with unethical financial advisors and buying shares in "great potential” companies, led us to financial losses and skepticism in the investment industry. Almost 20 years ago that changed with Brad, Dave and Stu. We feel blessed to have these ethical, intelligent men handling our financial future. We have trusted their advice through bear markets, financial panics, & recessions. Our retirement looks marvelous thanks to them.

Bob and Riske

Clients since 2004

After about 20 years of frustrated attempts to make our investments grow through self-selected funds, we connected with Dave and subsequently HNW. We have never regretted this and are continuously impressed with his careful selections of investment vehicles that suit our own philosophy. The personal service and connection is much appreciated. Most of our children also use their guidance through the financial wilderness and have benefitted tremendously.


Client since 1996

I have been retired for eight years now and, thanks to David and his team, my income has increased. I can be comfortable and confident in my retirement that my finances will be secure under their care.

M. K.

Client since 2008

I have entrusted Dave with my savings and future for over a decade, and Stu for just over two years. I am highly confident in their ability to make financial decisions on my behalf because of their integrity, knowledge, and experience with wealth management. Dave and Stu have worked hard to build trusting relationships with my husband and I, and they communicate honestly and regularly, which in turn deepens our faith and confidence in their ability to help us navigate the investment industry and attend to our financial well-being.

Grateful & satisfied clients

Since 1996

When we first enrolled with Dave in 1996, we were skeptical about reaching a certain goal over the number of years that we had to retirement. Retirement has come and the goal that Dave had suggested would be achieved was achieved and more. The investment philosophy and strategy of value investing that Dave and the investment managers adhere to will contribute significantly to anyone willing to weather the ups and downs of the market in order to reach their investment goals.

Joanne P.

Since 2005

Brad Weed has been our Financial Planner for 15 years. He is passionate about his job and truly cares about his clients. Brad is a wealth of knowledge and has helped us grow our business. Thanks to his investment philosophy we are set to retire at 55. He has always gone above and beyond for us. We highly recommend putting your financial future with Brad & his team at HNW!

Laurie and Gerry

Since 2007

Brad Weed is a true Financial Planner in every sense of the word. He has shown over the years how he truly cares about us as clients and friends. As a Financial Planner, he continually ensures he knows what we want and need and updates our Financial Plan regularly.

Brad has been helping us for over 10 years for both our Financial Planning and investing and gave us peace as we entered retirement. His knowledge as a Financial Planner has been invaluable in helping us grow our wealth. What has set him apart is his dedication to his work, and his ability to explain very complex things in layman terms. This has helped us have a stress free retirement with such practical advice.

We share the utmost respect and have complete confidence our future is in good hands with Brad and HNW Financial going forward . We have been clients since 2007, and look forward to many more years with their team.