Our Core Values that lead to success

Faith. Patience. Discipline.

When Dave first started his Investment career, he was very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet his most influential mentor, Nick Murray. This was in 1996 back when he still had hair on his head.

There were three core values that Nick maintained were absolutely essential to long term investment success. These values are Faith, Patience, and Discipline. These are not soft qualities and we cannot emphasize enough how important they are. As a matter of fact, if you walk into Stu’s office, you’ll see these very words prominent on his wall.

Faith. As Nick told Dave almost a quarter century ago, “Optimism is never “sophisticated” and often scorned, but faith in the future has always been an essential requirement for long term investment success. It is impossible to invest successfully in a future of which one is fundamentally afraid. History continually reminds us that optimism is the only realism.

Patience. Brad Stu & Dave possess a great deal of patience. This is a critical quality in any good investor, and sadly, is always in short supply. Our patience has been extremely good to us and to all of our clients who have been patient alongside us. As Nick told Dave early on, it is much better to ignore “what’s working now;” but be vitally concerned with what’s always worked.

Discipline. Maintaining a savings program. Paying oneself first. Ignoring market pundits who preach Armageddon during market corrections or bear markets. Staying focused on a long term financial plan. Resisting the impulse to chase “hot investments” or get rich quick schemes during periods of euphoria (or fear)…. we could go on but you get the idea! Discipline is essential and like Faith & Patience, it seems to always be in short supply (especially when needed the most!)

All of these values depend on having a long-term perspective. We encourage our clients to look inside themselves for these three essential qualities of any really successful long-term investor:

Faith. Patience. Discipline. We have an abundance of these qualities, and we are happy to share them with anyone who needs a boost – that’s what we’re here for!