Stu Hay, CFP

Helping you get from where you are now to where you need to be in the future.

Stu Hay, CFP

Financial Planner


Stu has always had a very strong interest in finance, for as long as he can remember. Ever since his Mom explained to him as a child that his name means “The keeper of the money”.

After completing his commerce degree at the University of Calgary, he immediately started in the financial advisory business with a large national firm at the tender age of 21 . The timing didn’t prove to be right at that point in his life however, and he decided to take advantage of a career opportunity in the search industry, always with the intent to return to financial planning eventually.

He spent the next 17 years in the recruiting field helping to match businesses with strong employees and consultants. This culminated with his last role as a Partner with a global Executive search firm. Stu enjoyed those years immensely and always found it extremely rewarding each time he helped a great candidate with their ideal career move or while helping companies to find the perfect candidate for a position that required exceptional skills.

In 2016 Stu was very excited to take advantage of the opportunity to return to his passion – helping clients to manage their wealth & become financially secure. He immediately enrolled in the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) courses and has since earned his CFP designation. During his first couple of years back in the business he interviewed well over 500 executives and senior professionals and was astounded at just how few people have a financial plan in place, and how few of them were actually on track to attain their financial goals. It became apparent to him that there is no direct correlation between financial literacy and income level! He has met many people earning fantastic incomes with no idea how they will ever attain their financial goals. Through HNW Financial Stu is working hard to change this for as many families as possible.

Stu is now finding immense satisfaction by helping his people retire comfortably, to pay for their children’s’ educations and by helping families build a legacy for their children & grandchildren. This can only be done, in his view by having a proper financial plan, funded with a beautifully diversified portfolio of investments designed to grow & protect his client’s hard earned money.

Stu is married to his incredible wife Tara. They live in Calgary with their fantastic sons, Broden & Sawyer. Together they enjoy running, mountain biking, climbing and just being outdoors!